Alex to Kosi – Day 14

It was the ride to the southern tip of Africa, Agulhas and we set off early from the amazing Strandskloof Park outside Gansbaai.  The wind was non-existent and the road quiet.  It was one of the best cycling days we’d had thus far.  We headed through farmlands as the sun came up over the mountains and bathed everything in that clear, crisp morning light.

We stopped in Elim to take a few pictures of the quaint houses of that little mission town.  The locals were only just starting their mornings.  Some were gardening, others (like the local clinic sister) were on their way to work, and yet others were just sunning themselves, hanging over the bottom half of their front doors.  But everyone was friendly and everyone waved as we cycled by.

We felt rather accomplished as we headed out of town.  The next town would be Struisbaai and our destination, Agulhas.  But then we hit a bit of unexpected gravel …  The tar road continued to Bredasdorp but we wanted to go to Agulhas so it was gravel for us.

The gravel road however, turned out to be rather a well maintained road and very quiet indeed.  It led us through the Agulhas National Park where Suzann spooked a bunch of ostriches which spontaneously decided to start running alongside her in the veld.  It got old quickly though and they lost interest and left us to soldier on.

The wind had come up again and was getting stronger and stronger.  By the time Suzann turned us onto the tar just outside Struisbaai the wind was pumping from the front.  She really had to crank the pedals to keep any semblance of speed round the coast.  Agulhas was there, we could see the lighthouse, but it just didn’t seem to get any closer.

But she finally did triumph and turned in at the Agulhas Caravan park with a flourish.  What a day!  We’d done a point-to-point cycle with no porting, no roadworks, no strange Google mishaps, no wind defeating us …  But then we had to huddle in the tent to get a sandwich made for lunch because a proper gale was blowing itself up.

After a cold shower (poor Suzann), at least Lynsey had some hot water, we decided to take to the warmth of the vehicle.  After the requisite photo at the southern tip we ended up driving the afternoon away … all around Struisbaai … to the harbour, the beach, etc.  Anything to kill time until it was an appropriate hour to head over to the only restaurant that stayed open late (according to their signage) where we’d be safe from the wind.

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