Alex to Kosi – Day 7

We made it through the night, despite the ‘oomie with the boep’ next door snoring up a storm … the whole entire night.

The wind was on its post early, blowing the little heat in the sun away.  While spooning up another lumpy breakfast and contemplating the wind, we’d notice a slight ‘softness’ in the left front tyre of the bakkie.  At first glance it appeared to have simply sunk into the soft sand but on closer inspection … and with the help of a tyre pressure gauge … we’d come to the horrible conclusion that the tyre must have a slow puncture.  Then we were paranoid and began checking all the tyres.  Thank goodness we did because the left rear tyre had also lost a considerable amount of air.  All we could do was pump the tyres again and hope for the best … We were not going to find a tyre repair shop in Elands Bay.

Driving through the first set of roadworks, we’d stop to get on the bikes for only 5.5km before even more roadworks began.  It would be 43km of roadworks and we couldn’t cycle through that.  It was actually a heaven-send because we were both feeling rather fragile.  The legs had been going solidly for 7 days and we just wanted to get to the Kuifkopvisvanger campsite on the banks of the Berg River in Velddrif as quickly as possible because then it would mean two whole rest days coming up.  But we’d first have to saddle up again after the ‘end, thank you’ board just next to Rocherpan and cycle, against the wind, again all the way passed Dwarskersbos into Velddrif, over the Berg River and then down the farm road to access the campsite.

This sand road would nearly undo Suzann but she gave it all she had left and we arrived at the farmhouse with the farmer’s Stellenbosch ‘kuier gaste’.  This caused a fair bit of confusion until the lady of the house finally emerged to set things straight and check us in.

Suzann walked the bike down to the campsite on the river bank while Lynsey tried her level best to position the vehicle between the pine trees that demarcated each campsite.  We had some rather raucous music from the hubbly-smoking crowd of varsity ‘kids’ (gosh, does that make us sound old?) next door.  But the crowd would pack up and leave together with nearly the entire campsite.  We were the only ones left, aside from an elderly couple in a caravan.  Quiet, at last.

Only problem was we’d had to take the site furthest from the ablutions on arrival.  Now all the sites were open.  So, no problem, we just collapsed the tent on our beds and dragged the thing to a site closer to the block.  That just about undid the both of us though and the boiling water of the shower that came next was heaven on our tired, sore bodies.  Just a pity we had to pack up the next day and move to another campsite but at least it would be two days of rest from cycling.  And the tyres had miraculously held all the way to Velddrif without losing any air!

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