Day 18

Packing up in a blistering Addo, we created quite a spectacle where we stopped to take a picture at the entrance. Before hopping on the bikes, heading Paterson, the rubber-necking day visitors had nearly tipped their cars over … But seriously, the ride out was spectacular in the fresh morning air … and we got to see some game along the fence as well … bonus! No lions though.

It was but a hop, skip and a jump and we were loading the bikes to drive from Paterson to Nanaga … no use in cycling a road already cycled, wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, once at Nanaga we couldn’t resist the farmstall and its famous pies … But what to do? It was too early for lunch … so we bought a pie anyway … for later, of course.

With the pies safely behind me in the car, I took the first stage of about 35km in our relay to Cannon Rocks. With the 23km already completed from Addo, we decided to relay the stage to Cannon Rocks, making each one’s ride about 58km … not too shabby a distance for the day … and boy, did we fly through it, averaging 30km/h, a new record! Rolling with the Eastern Cape hills, covered in green pasture with dairy herds scattered all over, we soon got used to the odour of manure … a constant on the breeze. With the wind at our backs and the road slightly downhill, we positively raced through the landscape. No sooner had we changed over riders than the yellow line just gave out … Suzann was on the bike, flying through the sleepy little Alexandria, and then … The narrow coastal road had hit, and the traffic uncannily started to increase. But Suzann was not put off and with the bakkie behind her she cruised to the Cannon Rocks turn-off in no time at all.

Down in the resort at the end of a long, long road running all along the ocean drawing the seaside village out behind it, it was time to set up camp and settle down for the night.

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