Day 3

Waking to positively arctic conditions, we man-handled the tent into it’s bag, and headed back to the R62 for a short day’s cycling to Koedoeskloof near Ladismith.

We were feeling tough so left the long tights and arm warmers in the back-up vehicle and braved the 8 degree morning. Suffice it to say, I still couldn’t feel my feet by the time we arrived at Koedoeskloof about 2,5hrs later. A beautiful ride though, through the Karoo plains with sheep bleating in the background and here and there little white farm workers’ houses dotting the horizon.

Our first early day, we arrived at 12:20, to shack up and get a bit of down-time. It took a bit of creativity to master the gas geyser but we had a lovely warm shower before making a quick trip into Ladismith for some provisions (this time in the car).

A pot was on the cards for supper and the farm dogs kept us company, obviously hoping for a scrap.

We handed our first Bible out as well … to the lady who came to clean the ablutions. She was so grateful. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that people just don’t have Bibles of their own. At least now this lady has one.

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