Day 2

Wet, wet, wet … but not as in the band. The mist was lying so low that we had to delay the start of day 2 by about an hour. But the sun finally managed to do it’s thing and burn off the mistiness. That left us with a sopping wet tent that had to be packed. There was nothing for it but to roll the sodden thing up and hope for the best.

Out on the road it soon got warm and we were glad that we had decided to forego the arm warmers from the get-go.

Cycling by we gave one last longing look toward the ‘roosterkoek’ place at Buffeljags … we couldn’t stop … we had then hardly started cycling.

With Buffeljags behind us, we took a left at the Suurbraak turnoff and just 10km later, we were cycling through this quaint little place with dogs barking at us, horses staring and the odd person in the street waving.

Just outside town we turned towards the Tradouws Pass. This mountain pass would take us all the way to Barrydale and the famous Route 62.

Stopping at the first scenic viewpoint, we fuelled up on energy chews and some of last night’s braai before taking on the steep climb. It turned out not to be as bad as what we’d initially thought since the winding road plateaued out every now and again and before we knew it we were heading down the other side.

With the last hectic hill behind us before Barrydale, we dropped down into town only to stop at the Country Pumpkin for lunch and lemon meringue. I had been fantasizing about a large Coke all morning. Our ‘light’ lunch of a toasted sandwich turned out a lot ‘heavier’ than we thought … 3 slices of bread stacked like a dagwood with two eggs, bacon and cheese, and that’s not even to mention the ‘pampoenkoekie’ and pumpkin fries we got as a side! Suffice it to say, the lemon meringue became a take-away for after supper.

After such a fill, it was hard to get back on the bikes, and especially considering the viscious hill we had to climb out of Barrydale. But soon the R62 flattened out and actually large stretches were slightly downhill, such that we could simply freewheel … fantastic. At this heightened pace we reached our destination for the night, Warmwaterberg Spa, in no time at all.

The tent being set up we wandered across the park to find the elusive ablutions. Finally running them to earth, we were in for a surprize … there was only one tap in the shower … uhhh-ohhh … cold water! We finally figured they could possibly be using the warm water from the spring for the showers, hence one tap, it is mos warm … but dunking yourself in a swimming pool of water at body temperature is very different from showering under it … we were rather chilled after that.

After a chilly shower we were glad of all the leftovers from last night’s braai that would serve nicely as supper, so we got an early night.

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