Borolong Village: Botswana

Borolong is a rural village approximately 20km outside of Francistown in Southern Botswana. Work towards planting a church in this village is underway, but with a lack of resources the residents are still not able to afford their own Bibles.

Cross Africa Foundation is committed to helping the people of Borolong Village by providing Bibles in their local language, Tswana.

Shekinah Private Secondary School: Malawi

Shekinah Secondary School is located in Mzuzu in northern Malawi. It not only serves as the main education hub for Upendo Children’s Village, but provides schooling for the children from the local community as well.

The vision is to complete the building of the high school, primary and nursery school. This will entail the completion of construction of eight twin blocks, a computer lab, laboratory and admin block. However, due to financial constraints, work has only progressed to the point of construction of three blocks.

It will require an additional USD45 000 to complete the school.

With your contribution, Cross Africa Foundation can help get this school built.

Church on the Wings: Malawi

Since 2003, Church on the Wings has been pastored by Bishop Samuel Mkisi. Located in Mzuzu, Malawi, this church has not only been serving the local community but has lead numerous outreaches into northern and central Malawi.

Despite continued growth over the past 17 years, the church has still not been able to complete the construction of their main building. Services have been held in a temporary wooden structure. To quote Bishop Mkisi, “I have been struggling to build and finish the main church in Mzuzu as most of our members live a hand-to-mouth kind of life and are unable to fully support the church project financially.”

The project requires an estimated USD30 000 to complete.

Let’s finish this church folks.

Upendo Children’s Village: Malawi

Upendo Children’s Village grew from the efforts of Bishop Samuel Mkisi and his wife, Florence who started an orphanage in 2012 to care for orphaned and abandoned children.

Bishop Samuel remembers many of the children coming to him sick and broken after losing family, “these children were left without any hope whatsoever for their future”. Upendo is now a place of joy and hope for them.

Each week these children are transported to the Church on the Wings in Mzuzu town to take part in the worship service, but safe, reliable transport remains an issue.

Currently the village makes use of an old pick-up that’s on its last legs.
Cross Africa Foundation would like to help give Upendo Children’s Village a minibus.

You can help us give Upendo wheels again.